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Company history

The key steps of our corporatedevelopment

Extension of new warehouse of approx. 300m²

In 2014, a warehouse of approx. 300m² was built on the property of Plant 2. This hall is exclusively for the storage of POM, PA, PE and hard fabric tubes. There are three different saws for cutting these pipes, one of which is an in-house developed fully automated sawing machine. 

The hall is equipped with modern LED lighting and is heated with the discharged heat from the compressor system. A loading and unloading crane as well as a storage system for the tube storage was invested into.

With this hall, additional production space was gained in Plant 2, on which new machines have been already been placed and new machines are in planning.


Opening of the new logistics centre

After 8-months of construction, a new logistics centre with 10 m high Hänel lean lifts and a packaging line was completed.

The first in-house developed robot was commissioned.

Today, the company employs 28 full-time and six part-time employees and three Trainees.


Another property purchases

A 1,200 m² property adjacent to the previous premises was purchased from the City of Mannheim. A production hall is planned here.


June: Sebastian Hänssler joins the company

Diplom-Ingenieur (graduated engineer) Sebastian Hänssler took over the overall management of construction, development, quality assurance, production and application technology.

Sebastian Hänssler, born in 1979, studied mechanical engineering at the Karlsruhe University for Applied Technology, with majors in product development and construction. After graduating, he worked for three years at Stihl in Waiblingen as project engineer in the development department.

January: Third generation

With Rolf Hänssler, graduated industrial engineer, the company was passed on to the third generation. He took over the purchasing department, warehousing and shipping.Rolf Hänssler, born in 1981, studied industrial engineering at the Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences.

The global economic crisis was overcome

The 2009 global economic crisis was used to restructure the entire company. In 2010, Hänssler employed 20 full-time employees, five part-time employees and three trainees. By now, more than 40,000 articles were transshipped.


Acquisition of a neighbouring building

A neighbouring building with 400 m² floor space on a property of 1,000 m² which becoming available, was purchased. This became Plant3 and first served as a warehouse for finished goods. The seal test bench was also moved into here.


New production hall with 1,200 m² floor space built

A new, modern production hall with over 1,200 m² floor space on a 2,400 m² property was moved into. It is located opposite the “old building” and became Plant II.

Environmental aspects were considered. A photovoltaic façade and roof system was installed and rainwater is directed into seeping pools. Industrial effluents are recycled in a centrifugal cleaning system. All yard areas were fitted with lawn grid Stones.


New office and production building in Ma-Friedrichsfeld

With now eight employees, the company moved into a newly built office and production building in Mannheim-Friedrichsfeld. The building has a floor space of approx. 1,000 m².


R.F. Hänssler leaves the company

In 1992, R.F. Hänssler retired from the company. Up to his death on 31.05.2008 he was available as a free consultant to the company and customers. Hänssler Hydraulic OHG was changed into the sole proprietor ship Andreas Hänssler Hydraulic and in 2008, into Hänssler Invest GmbH, which acts as a pure holding company.

Since 1992, Dipl. Ing. A. Hänssler is the sole managing partner of the Hänssler Hydraulic GmbH.


Commissioning of the plastics injection moulding plant

For the first time, guide rings from plastics such as POM and PA6 are offered as moulded parts from in-house production.


Foundation of Hänssler Hydraulik GmbH in Mannheim

A. Hänssler founded the Hänssler Hydraulik GmbH seated in Mannheim and started with the production of turned seals in an old tobacco shed in Mannheim Seckenheim. The first CNC lathe soon followed the first lathe, as well as the first injection moulding machine. The seal business was relocated to Mannheim. The sales agencies were continued until 1988.


Foundation of Hänssler Hydraulik OHG

Company foundation: In 1982, Ober-Ing. R.F. Hänssler and Dipl.Ing. A. Hänssler founded Hänssler Hydraulik OHG, Construction Parts head-quartered in Schopfheim with a sales office in Mannheim.

The sales business involving all types of sealing elements started. A. Hänssler developed an oil test kit with which it is possible to quickly and easily test hydraulic oils and their reusability on-site. The first own product was born and gained world-wide success. 


Company foundation