Our company was established in 1986 under the name Hänssler Hydraulik GmbH. The business focus was from the beginning on sealing technology for the hydraulic industry. Besides the standard products such as wipers, rod and piston seals, guide rings and support rings, we offer special seals, individually designed and protected for our customers. Our slogan: “You have an idea, we seal the deal! “

We produce seals from PTFE, PTFE compounds, PE, PEEK, PA and many other materials. We can produce almost any seal design up to an outer diameter of 1500 millimetres in elastomer (NBR, FPM, PU, EPDM, Silicon etc.). As a distributor, we offer you O-rings, X-rings, wipers, rod and piston seals as well as shaft seals, either from the original brand or as cheaper alternative. We are specialized in seals with modified preload, lower friction, an individually tailored installation space. Sharing over 30 years experience in the sealing business, we are your competent partner for damage analysis, also for third party products.

We are happy to answer your inquiries personally on the telephone:
+49 (0) 621 48480-0


Hänssler Kunststoff- und
Dichtungstechnik GmbH
Edwin-Reis-Str. 5
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Phone: +49 (0) 621 48480-0
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