Turned and milled parts

Specialist for plastic machining

Not everyone can plastic!

A machined production of metal and plastic parts on the same machines and production plants is not efficient in our experience.

There are significant differences which need to be observed:

  • cooling
  • tools
  • chip removal and disposal (separation of types)
  • cutting and feed rates
  • clamping devices
  • programme sequences
  • manufacturing know-how

If you are a specialist in metal processing, outsourcing the manufacturing of plastic parts will benefit you greatly. We will assist you.

Construction parts made from high-performance plastics

We advise you on how turned and milled parts from high-performance plastics can be manufactured for your requirements and determine the optimal material taking an economic production into account.

We offer you the technical know-how and check your operating conditions. According to your specifications we can take care of your construction drawings, change them or adjust them. If required, we also produce prototypes. We will gladly accompany you in product development in order to design an optimal plastic part.

We deliver across industries, which some of the following having become our main areas:

  • electrical industry
  • racing
  • food industry
  • machinery and plant engineering
  • renewable energy
  • medical technology
  • automation technology

We are happy to answer your inquiries personally on the telephone:
+49 (0) 621 48480-0


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