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Plastic machining

Pump housing made of PP | Application: Pumping of special media

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  • In addition to the production of sealing elements, one of our core competencies in plastics technology is the manufacture of customer-specific plastic parts from a wide range of materials. Our machining production is optimized to exclusively process plastics. Within our production there are the following three main areas:

    Our services in plastic machining

    Deflection gear made of PEEK

    Deflection gear made of PEEK | Application: Weight reduction in Formula Student racing car


    Already during the development of a component made of plastic, the influence on the price and quality as well as the process reliability is the greatest. Our development can support you in designing and constructing the optimal component for your application.

    Take advantage of our many years of experience and our special know-how. Whether it is the selection of the material, the manufacturing process or the material-specific tolerancing, we will support you.

    Quality assurance

    We carry out quality assurance during production and through final inspections of each order. In the case of customer-specific requirements for the inspection and documentation of certain criteria, we are optimally equipped and can respond to our customers’ wishes.

    We also work in this area with the most modern testing equipment in air-conditioned rooms and measure tactilely or optically with automated test programmes.


    We have specialised in processing only plastics on our machining centres. With this strategy, we can optimally design our manufacturing capabilities and do not have to make any compromises.

    We use special tools, clamping devices and fixtures that have been developed exclusively for plastics processing, mainly by us. Due to the optimal equipment, we guarantee short reaction times in the highest quality at low costs.

    Logistics and shipping

    In the logistics area, we focus on traceability by completely digitising the processes. Every delivery that leaves our premises is 100% traceable, and we can identify the batch delivered with the date of manufacture at any time.

    Each item is scanned upon removal and dispatch and automatically provided with a label on which all information is made available. Customised labels are also possible so that repackaging is unnecessary for our customers.