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Our sealing solutions and construction parts made of plastic are used in the following industries:

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  • Electrical industry

    Engineering plastics for a growth market

    Because of its constant growth, the electrical industry is one of our biggest markets for construction parts. Plastic properties such as low weight, high form stability, high wear resistance, low friction, good sound insulation, very good insulating properties as well as material with electrical conductive properties enable an almost endless range of parts.


    Individual plastic parts for complex requirements

    Automation relies on a maximum of customising. Highly complex parts, small batches, and varied product properties are always a challenge for engineers. Besides a machined production, we can also rely on 3D printing to build prototypes or simulate functions. Requirements such as smooth-running, weight reduction and minimising wear require more and more frequently the use of high-performance plastics.

    Mechanical engineering

    Plastics replaces metal

    True to our motto: „You have an idea, we produce it in plastic” we are development partner and contract manufacturer for a number of renowned mechanical engineering companies in Germany and abroad. We offer seals as well as simple but also highly complex construction parts. Grab the chance to reduce cost and weight and replace metal parts with modern high performance plastics.

    Other industries with our know-how

    Plant construction


    Food industry


    Oil and gas



    Valve technology