O-ring measuring tower

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  • For O-ring diameters from Ø 5 mm – Ø 300 mm

    Our O-ring measuring towers allow quick and easy measurement and identification of O-rings and seals.

    Diameter determination of O-rings, rubber seals and other elastic round bodies is done in 1 mm increments.

    The round body to be measured is simply pushed onto the cone until the diameter is reached on which it just fits tightly.

    The O-ring measuring towers are made of POM and are available in six diameter ranges – also as a set.

    Never measure again!

    Elastic O-rings can often only be measured inaccurately with calipers, as they can stretch easily. Measuring with our stable O-ring measuring towers is different. The O-ring lies exactly against the tower and you can easily read off the diameter.

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