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Radial shaft seals / shaft seals

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  • In addition to the complete range of shapes and dimensions of radial shaft seals according to DIN 3760/3761, we also supply all designs of axial shaft seals (V-rings) as well as shaft sleeves. Seals for rotary distributors, rotary actuators, hydraulic motors and tool spindles of all types are manufactured for rotary / swivel movements.

    Standard profiles

    The standard profiles shown below are seals that represent the state of the art. We manufacture these standard seals in-house or supply them as moulded parts from approved partners for all required groove dimensions in a variety of materials.

    Depending on the quantity, the material and your requirements, we will offer you seals in the appropriate manufacturing process.

    A general overview and more information about them are listed in the following categories:

    • radial shaft seals

    Choosing the correct profile

    The more information is known, the better a sealing system can be adapted to a specific application.

    To choose the right profile and the optimal material, the following criteria are important:

    • installation space
    • double-acting or single-acting
    • pressure range
    • temperature range
    • medium
    • rotation / swivel speed
    • counterface
    • mounting possibility
    • friction behavior
    • tightness
    • service life expectancy
    • price
    • availability

    Radial shaft seals

    • universal operation
    • gearbox
    • high sliding speed
    • low pressures
    • special solutions for extreme sliding speeds
    • low friction
    Material selection for preload rings
    • steel, stainless steel
    • plastic
    • aluminium
    • gunmetal
    Material selection for springs
    • steel, stainless steel
    • special materials
    Pressure range:

    up to 10 bar

    Sliding speeds:

    up to 30 m/s

    Temperature range:

    -40 to +220 °C (depending on material)