Spring preloaded seals

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  • Piston, rod and rotary seals can also be supplied in spring-loaded variants. The seals are particularly well-suited for use in aggressive media and high temperatures. Also, silicone fillings, are interesting applications, especially in the food industry and medical technology. To prevent deposits and allow optimum cleaning, the spring chamber is filled with silicone.

    Standard profiles

    By the standard profiles shown, we mean seals that represent the state of the art.

    We manufacture these standard seals for all required groove dimensions from a variety of materials. We do not have to limit ourselves to the standard dimensions of the sealing industry. In a diameter range from a few millimeters to 3000 mm, we supply everything from a single source.

    A general overview and further information can also be found in the following categories:

    • preloaded by meander spring
    • preloaded by support coil spring

    Choosing the correct profile

    The more information is known, the better the sealing system can be adapted to the application.

    To choose the right profile and the optimal material, the following criteria are important:

    • installation space
    • pressure range
    • temperature range
    • medium
    • stroke / rotation / swivel speed
    • counterface
    • mounting possibility
    • friction behavior
    • tightness
    • service life expectancy
    • price
    • availability

    Preloaded with bearing spiral spring

    • aggressive media
    • high temperatures
    • high sliding speeds
    • low friction
    • for the food industry
    • oil and gas applications
    Material selection for springs
    • stainless steel
    • special materials (Elgiloy etc.)
    Pressure range:

    up to 200 bar (special applications up to 400 bar)

    Sliding speeds:

    up to 30 m/s

    Temperature range:

    -55 bis +280 °C (depending on material)