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  • Support rings increase the compression strength of a sealing system by covering the sealing gap. The support rings are designed according to their use, ranging from standard applications to “active” support rings. We offer individual back-up rings according to your preferences.

    Standard profiles

    The standard profiles shown below are support rings that represent the state of the art. We manufacture these support rings for all required groove dimensions in a variety of materials up to a diameter of 1,500 mm.

    Profiles according to customer preferences

    If you have conditions which cannot be optimally solved with a standard profile, we can also manufacture a support element according to customers’ drawings or develop one.

    Choosing the correct profile

    The more information is known, the better a sealing system can be adapted to a specific application. To choose the right profile and the optimal material, the following criteria are vital:

    • installation space
    • double or single-acting
    • pressure range
    • temperature range
    • medium
    • counter surface
    • installation option
    • friction behaviour
    • tightness
    • service life expectancy
    • price and availability