Back-up rings – Static seals

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  • Back-up rings increase the compressive strength of a sealing system. An active back-up ring is pressed axially and radially by the seal in the direction of the sealing gap and covers it. A passive back-up ring lies parallel to the seal, is axially pressurized, and is also intended to cover the seal gap and prevent extrusion of the seal material into the seal gap. The use of back-up rings is recommended for static O-ring seals from 200 bar with pulsating pressure or if a pressure-dependent seal gap change must be expected.

    Standard profiles

    By the standard profiles shown, we mean back-up rings that represent the state of the art. We manufacture these support rings in Mannheim for all required groove dimensions from a variety of materials up to a diameter of 3000 mm.

    ack-up rings are usually installed together with O-rings. For higher pressure ranges, however, piston seals and rod seals with back-up rings are increasingly being used.

    Choosing the correct profile

    The more information is known, the better a sealing system can be adapted to a specific application.

    To choose the right profile and the optimal material, the following criteria are important:

    • installation space
    • double-acting or single-acting
    • internal or external sealing
    • pressure range
    • temperature range
    • medium
    • counterface
    • mounting option
    • friction behavior
    • tightness
    • service life expectancy
    • price
    • availability