Production Sectors

At two modern plants in Mannheim, Germany we produce seals, turned and milled parts as well as 3D-products in high quality. Short ways allow a direct communication between all departments. You want to see how we work? Get in touch with us now to visit Hänssler.

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  • Plant 1

    Elastomer seals, seals for large diameters, milled parts from plastic, plastic moulding, tooling

    Seal manufacturing

    Seals are machine manufactured according to profile lists, customer drawings, samples of own concept. We work with a variety of elastomers (PU, NBR, FPM, EDPM…) according to your requirements (media resistance, temperature, loads…) up to a diameter of 1500 mm. Also seals for large diameters (>300/<1,500 mm) from PTFE, PTFE compounds and many other materials are produced in Plant 1.

    Milling parts made of plastic

    Milling parts made of plastic are manufactured on a 5-axis processing centre according to customer drawings from a multitude of different materials.

    Moulded parts

    In plastics moulding we exclusively manufacture moulded forms from POM, PA, PU and other materials using our own tools. Thanks to low costs, an in-house developed modular system of tools also allows for the manufacturing of smaller series.

    Tool making

    In tool making, we manufacture tool making moulds and special tools for machining in own construction by using a 5-axis milling machine and a wire EDM machine.

    Plant 2

    Seals, guide elements, turning parts from plastic, milling parts from plastic, turned-milled parts from plastic, pre and post processing

    Seal manufacturing

    We manufacture all kinds of seals up to a diameter of 300 mm from more than 40 different plastics. We focus on seals in our profile list, but also special solutions are standard for us.

    Guide elements

    Guide elements from hard fabric, but also from POM, PA, PEEK and many more, are manufactured in a separate area. A robot takes care of the rework of large series.

    Turned parts from plastic

    We produce turning parts from plastic according to customer drawings, making use of our extensive raw materials stock holding. This guarantees short delivery times and very high flexibility in all production areas.

    Milling parts made of plastic

    We can work with plastic sheets up to 2,000 x 2,000 mm on our portal milling machines.

    Turned parts made of plastic

    We manufacture complex turned-milled parts on CNC machines with driven tools as well as in our processing centre. This allows us to manufacture almost any geometry you desire.

    Preparation work and rework

    If necessary, we can treat our materials and finished products in an annealing furnace, e.g. to reduce internal stresses. Finished parts can be de-burred or refined by means of surface finishing technology or radiation. Finished parts are cleaned again in our ultrasonic cleaning system.