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From the founding of the company to the present day – the Hänssler journey through time!

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  • 2023

    Networking all company areas

    The focus is on expanding the areas of research and development as well as automation. In order to continue to guarantee the highest product quality, new quality assurance software is being implemented. It intelligently networks the processes in all areas of the company.


    Restructuring and growth

    Investments are made in new equipment in all production areas. The premises in factory 2 are thoroughly modernised and a new room concept is designed. New employees are taken on. Hänssler Kunststoff- und Dichtungstechnik GmbH now has 60 employees.


    Company leadership in the next generation

    Dipl. Ing. Andreas Hänssler is stepping down as Managing Director after 35 successful years. With his wealth of experience, he continues to be available to all customers as a senior consultant. His son Dipl. Ing. Sebastian Hänssler, also Managing Director since 2015, takes over the sole management of the company.   


    Optimisation of quality & processes

    The focus in 2018 and 2019 will be on further expanding quality management. An additional measuring room already created in 2017 will be further expanded for production-related quality assurance. At the same time, the expansion of production control and further process optimisation are on the agenda.  


    Year of digitalisation

    A networked ERP system, CRM system and document management allows sales, production, logistics and accounting to access all relevant data within seconds. Faster routes are noticeable in the entire order processing. Shorter delivery times often ensure top marks in the supplier evaluations of Hänssler’s customers.

    Networking also continues in production. A new complex production control system is introduced at the end of the year. At the same time, it minimises the risk of errors and idle times and creates new, plannable time windows for particularly urgent orders.


    Anniversary & change of name

    On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Hänssler Hydraulik GmbH, a successful Mannheim family business is celebrated in a big way on the company premises with customers, suppliers and friends.

    Construction parts made of plastic are becoming increasingly important. In order to be able to handle highly complex orders, the company invests in a Mazak Integrex. It becomes the new key technology with almost limitless possibilities. At the same time, a change of name takes place. The new Hänssler Kunststoff- und Dichtungstechnik GmbH perfectly describes the expanded range of services.


    Dual leadership for new tasks

    With the initiation of the gradual company succession, Sebastian Hänssler also becomes Managing Director of the company. At the same time, the tasks at Hänssler are growing. The second-generation managing director will significantly drive digitalisation in the company. The goal is the complete networking of all company divisions and the IT systems used. At the same time, he is initiating the ISO certifications, also in the areas of environment and energy, and will be the first contact person here.


    Increase storage capacity

    In order to compensate for price fluctuations and material shortages on the world market and to be able to offer stable prices in the long term, an additional storage hall is being added to Factory II. It is used exclusively for storing POM, PA, PE and hard fabric pipes. Three saws are available for cutting, including a fully automatic saw developed in-house. The hall is equipped with modern LED lighting. It is heated by the waste heat from the new compressor system. In addition, investments are being made in a crane for loading and unloading as well as a new storage system.

    By moving the semi-finished products to the annex, new production space is created in the factory itself. In the course of the constant expansion, the space is urgently needed for the extension of the machinery.


    First 3D prints

    In order to further expand the range of services, the first experiments in the field of additive manufacturing for industrial purposes were started. To date, a professional 3D printing line has been created, which is constantly being expanded.


    Opening of the new logistics centre

    After eight months of construction, the state-of-the-art logistics centre is completed. Equipped with three Hänel Lean lifts, each 10 metres high, and a packaging line, the company can meet the ever-increasing demand. In order to be able to act even faster and to further reduce the low error rate, individual processes are networked using state-of-the-art IT solutions.

    The first self-developed robot is used for a large order. In the meantime, 28 full-time employees, six part-time employees and three trainees work for the company.


    Space for new ideas

    A plot of land of 1,200 m² adjacent to the previous company premises can be acquired from the city of Mannheim. A new production hall is planned here for the future.


    Family business in 2nd generation

    Graduate industrial engineer Rolf Hänssler, born in 1981, finishes his studies at Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences and joins the company. He takes over the areas of purchasing, warehousing and shipping. 

    Graduate engineer Sebastian Hänssler, born in 1979, first studied mechanical engineering at the TH Karlsruhe, specialising in product development and design. After graduating, he worked for three years at Stihl in Waiblingen as a project engineer in development. At Hänssler he takes over the overall technical management of design, development, quality assurance, production and application technology. 

    With the arrival of the new generation, the portfolio also expands. In addition to classic sealing technology, construction parts made of plastic are increasingly being offered.



    A vacant neighbouring building with 400 m² of floor space on 1,000 m² of land is acquired. From now on it bears the name “Factory III” and initially serves as a storage facility for finished products. The seal test stand is also set up here.


    Building a new production hall

    A modern production hall with over 1,200 m² of floor space on 2,400 m² of land is occupied. Environmental aspects are taken into account during construction. A photovoltaic system is installed on the façade and on the roof. Rainwater is channelled into seepage pits. Industrial wastewater can now be treated in a centrifugal treatment plant. The courtyard areas are covered with grass pavers to prevent surface sealing. The new hall is located opposite the existing building and from now on bears the name “Factory II”.


    Opening of the office and production building in Friedrichsfeld

    With eight employees by now, the company moves to a newly built office and production complex with around 1,000 m² of floor space at the current company location in Mannheim.


    Reinhard Hänssler retires from the company

    Due to his age, Reinhard Hänssler retires from the company. Until his death in 2008, he remains available to the company and its customers as a freelance consultant. Hänssler Hydraulik OHG is transformed into the sole proprietorship Andreas Hänssler Hydraulik and in 2008 into Hänssler Invest GmbH, which acts as a pure ownership company. Andreas Hänssler is now the sole managing partner of Hänssler Hydraulik GmbH.


    Company name of Hänssler Hydraulik GmbH

    The foundation stone of today’s company is laid. Andreas Hänssler founds Hänssler Hydraulik GmbH, based in Mannheim, and starts producing turned seals in an old tobacco barn in Mannheim-Seckenheim. The first lathe is soon followed by a CNC and a plastic injection moulding machine. The gasket trade is also relocated to Mannheim. The commercial agencies are continued until 1988.


    Founding of Hänssler Hydraulik OHG

    Ober-Ing. Reinhard Hänssler and Dipl. Ing. Andreas Hänssler found the company Hänssler Hydraulik OHG with headquarters in Schopfheim and a branch office in Mannheim as a commercial agency. They start selling all kinds of sealing elements. At the same time, Andreas Hänssler develops an oil test case with which hydraulic oils can be quickly and easily tested on site for their suitability for further use. The first own product is born and brings worldwide success.