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    In addition to our standard profiles, we produce sealing solutions according to your personal preferences. For that we can use your existing drawings or develop and manufacture seals with completely new profiles.

    For your individual use

    To develop a new profile, our engineers collect information about the later use (temperature, used medium, pressure, speed, installation,…). Together we select the best material and profile for your needs. Afterwards, we give the CAD-data to your product development for a complete documentation.

    Instead of moulding

    Moulding needs expensive tools. To save time and money, we are able to produce the parts by turning. Those are more accurate and filigree than if they are moulded.

    Today for lots of our customers, the way of turning is their last chance to get former moulded parts, their suppliers do not produce anymore.

    Materials and sizes

    Offering a wide range of materials, we find the perfect solution to meet your requirements. Our large warehouse stores elastomers like NBR, FKM/FPM, PU, EPDM and silicon as well as POM, PA, PEEK, and different types of PTFE. It allows us to manufacture up to diameters of 1500 mm and deliver just in time.