Profile seals for hydraulic cylinders

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    Complex requirements demand sealing concepts beyond the norm, catalogs or the state of the art. Due to our flexible production, we can manufacture almost any sealing profile from a variety of materials. In doing so, we follow your specifications or take the desired profile from a sample. We are also happy to support you in the development of an individual profile seal.

    Profile seals from a wide range of materials and dimensions

    At Hänssler, we can manufacture machined seals from a comprehensive range of materials. We will find the right material for your application – whether elastomer (e.g. NBR, FPM, PU, EPDM, silicone), thermoplastic with or without preload element (e.g. POM, PA, PEEK, PE) or PTFE compounds (PTFE, PTFE TFM, PTFE carbon, PTFE bronze and many more). A large number of semi-finished products in stock in all dimensions helps to keep delivery times flexible and as short as possible.

    Our production is designed to manufacture seals in any dimension. From the smallest seals in the millimeter range to 1.5 meters and more in diameter, everything is possible.

    Development of profile seals for customer-specific applications

    We will be happy to support you in developing the optimum sealing profile. In a direct exchange, we record operating conditions such as temperature, media contact, pressure, speeds and installation conditions. Based on this information, we develop the optimum profile and select the perfect material. Direct data exchange of CAD data creates transparency. You can transfer the seals directly into your design and thus achieve complete documentation.

    Turned profile seals as a replacement for extruded profiles

    Many seal profiles – essential for large diameter or linear applications – are produced by extrusion.This manufacturing process requires an expensive forming tool, combined with long delivery times. You can save these tooling costs by manufacturing the seals by machining. In addition, significantly shorter delivery times can be realized. Machined seals have no disadvantages in terms of quality – on the contrary! They can be designed much more filigree and precise.

    Another application is the direct replacement of existing extruded seal profiles that your previous supplier can no longer supply or if the required tooling is defective

    Profildichtung für Hydraulikzylinder

    In addition to standard profiles, we develop and manufacture profile seals as necessary to meet your requirements.