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3D printed parts
are not just for the desk

The additive manufacturing (3D print) is a perfect example of our philosophy of accompanying our customers from the prototype to serial parts.

On the one hand, component demonstration models can be produced cost-efficiently before manufacturing approval, and on the other hand, the new production methods allow for the possibility of manufacturing usable components with new degrees of freedom.

According to the motto “3D print, not only for the desktop”, we will support you in taking advantage of the benefits of these manufacturing processes.



Test of different materials for the same model with regard to quality, production processes and material costs.


Fast, low-cost production of prototype components from design data in the test phase. Minimization of the cost risk before the serial production.

Geometry advantage

Higher geometry complexity (undercuts, hollow components, curved channels in the work piece, free-from surfaces).

Light weight construction

Savings in material use, weight and quantity with consistent or improved quality requirements.

Made by Hänssler!

3D printing – from an idea to the finished product

From an idea to the finished product overnight? Our professional 3d-prining possibilities for industrial use allow a fast production of prototypes, single parts and small series.

The video is in german language.

Our Services

Rapid Prototyping

We manufacture low-cost prototypes with very short delivery times for you. You can immediately hold your development in your hands

and test the geometry and function.

This way, errors are avoided and new ideas are developed. Ultimately, not only the products is optimised but also, the costs in the development process are significantly reduced.

We can manufacture prototypes in various manufacturing processes and using various materials:

  • SLA
  • FFF
  • SLS
  • Vacuum casting

We will gladly advise you about suitable manufacturing processes and optimal materials for your application.

Design studies or finished product

Additive manufacturing processes are not only attractive for industrial products. Thanks to the new degrees of freedom, there are virtually no limits.

Application examples

  • lighting
  • advertising media
  • packaging
  • demonstration models
  • toys
  • art objects
  • furniture
Operating equipment

In our production, a multitude of additive manufactured components are already used in day to day operations. More complex geometries can be produced, which could not be manufactured, or only at heavy cost, in the conventional way.

Neither machinery nor skilled workers need to be taken from production in order to manufacture the operating equipment. Of course, the application must be suitable, but we will gladly assist and advise you.

Application examples

  • suction devices
  • funnels
  • brackets
  • housings
  • grippers
  • guides
  • advantages of material provision


  • complex geometry
  • cost-effective
  • reduced weight (hollow components possible)
  • short delivery times
Production of serial parts

Additive fabrication is also an alternative for serial parts.

If a geometry is required which cannot be produced conventionally, it can be worthwhile to draw on additive manufactured serial parts.

Another advantage is the possibility of producing hollow components, with which unbeatable weight advantages can be realised.

We will gladly advise you on the appropriate manufacturing process and materials.

Fixture construction

Do not improvise, but adapt to the application!

Additive manufactured fixtures can improve your production process. The ability to produce complex geometries directly from the 3D data, allows for the adaptation of fixtures according to your requests.

Application examples:

  • drilling templates
  • test equipment (e.g. for rods, plastic moulded parts)
  • labelling templates
  • brackets
  • trays (e.g. for labelling systems, component cleaning)
  • workplace optimisation
  • material provision