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Development partner

for plastic parts and seals
– our range of services

A part which is manufactured currently and fixed by a fixing system
Development partner
for plastic parts and seals – our range of services
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  • We prefer to be involved in a development right from the start. Together with our customers, we design the optimum plastic or sealing element. Our many years of know-how in the processing of plastics is incorporated into every step of the process. In this way, the product to be developed is optimized from the outset in terms of its function, quality and price-performance ratio. This is reflected in every area, and every process is optimized for the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

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    Order processing

    Each customer is attended to by a permanent sales employee who is responsible for the complete customer communication, quotation and order processing. This approach guarantees short response times, optimal communication and a long-term binding business relationship. Supported by state-of-the-art IT solutions, every step is perfectly documented. In this way, we create the highest flexibility and quality in all areas.

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    We have the technical facilities to produce cost-effective prototypes in short delivery times. The short path to the first finished part is used for quick functional testing and, if necessary, rapid further development. For prototype production, we use our machining centers, program our 3D printers or utilize our vacuum casting capabilities.

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    Development of new solutions

    Our broad range of experience allows us to provide holistic advice. Particularly in the design and tolerancing of plastic and elastomer parts, special know-how is required to optimize the manufacturing process, ensure process reliability and reduce costs. We work with state-of-the-art design and development tools and can accompany you as a development partner during the project planning and elaboration of your product. Our development team works with you to find solutions for your tasks and helps to significantly shorten development processes.

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    Single piece or small quantity

    Away from mass production, we specialize in designing niche products and technically demanding special components and manufacturing them in small to medium series. For some time now, additive manufacturing has been offering completely new paths here. With our constantly growing machine park and further training in this area, we can map almost any manufacturing process in-house. This allows us to accompany you on the complete path, and you do not need to change suppliers between development and series production.

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    Series production

    We have specialized in processing only plastics on our machining centers. This strategy allows us to optimize our manufacturing capabilities and does not require us to make any compromises. We use special tools, clamping devices and fixtures that have been developed exclusively for plastics processing mainly by us. Due to the optimal equipment we guarantee short reaction times in highest quality at low costs. State-of-the-art automation and IT solutions help us to produce competitively at the highest level in Mannheim.

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    Logistics and shipping

    In the logistics area, we focus on traceability by completely digitizing the processes. Every delivery that leaves our premises is 100% traceable, and we can identify the batch delivered with the date of manufacture at any time. Each item is scanned at the time of removal and shipment and automatically provided with a label on which all information is made available. Customized labels are also possible so that repackaging is unnecessary for our customers.

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    Quality assurance

    “We never want to be the biggest, but always the best!”. This motto is of course particularly important in the area of quality assurance. We achieve our high quality standards with lean, networked and firmly defined processes. Just like our products, we also critically check all processes again and again in order to detect errors before they occur. We are not only ISO 9001 (quality) certified, but also design our processes according to ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 50001 (energy).