Your Experts in sealing technology, plastics technology
and additive manufacturing

Apart from mass production, we are specialized in single prototype construction as well as in small to medium serial production. Depending on quantity, material and use, we find the right manufacturing process from individual 3D-printing / additive manufacturing and turning or milling to injection moulding.

Besides plastic processing and cutting, we are specialized in manufacturing and selling sealing solutions of all types and for every range of application. O-rings, piston seals, back-up rings, rod seals, scrapers, shaft and rotary seals, spring-loaded seals, guide rings and flat seals are available in standard designs and special individual diameters.

Our success story

The success story of family-owned company Hänssler in the trade and development of sealing elements of all kinds started more than 35 years ago. Today, the company has become a worldwide renowned know-how forge for the development, construction and production of reliable standard products and sophisticated special items in plastics and sealing Technology.

Our unique selling points

Development partner for plastic parts and seals

Let us create something great. Together we can design your optimal construction parts and seals. Profit from over three decades of experience and the will, not to be the biggest but the best. 

Developing new solutions

Our team of well educated and experienced engineers supports you.

Shorten your developing process. Save time and costs an profit from our knowledge in various industries. 


Give it a try! 

We manufacture single prototypes as well as small quantities. Find out if and how your new parts work and fit in practise.  

Tool manufacturing

Being able to build tools for injection moulds and other gadgets inhouse, we have the possibility to work much faster, reasonable and well coordinated with our production plants. 

Single piece or small quantities

Apart from serial production, we are specialized in niche products, spare parts and other demanding components without any minimum quantities.