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    We really give everything to keep the quality in every area of our company at top level and to improve it continuously. Of course, we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, but our own standards go far beyond that.

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    Quality in manufacturing

    We manufacture at Mannheim on top-class machining centers in order to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on our customers’ components. The machining centers have all been modified and optimized by us for plastics processing. We always adapt tools, clamping devices, fixtures and operating equipment according to the latest technical possibilities and rely on automation to make the processes as error-free as possible.

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    Quality assurance

    The quality assurance accompanying production is equipped with modern equipment and guarantees the best possible quality standards. Every manufactured part goes through the final inspection again or is additionally inspected according to defined inspection specifications of our customers. We measure tactilely and optically according to specified test programs under constant climatic conditions.

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    Every process is digitally accompanied by a network to support the employees in their tasks, but also to ensure complete traceability. We can track the batch of every manufactured item, and every delivery is marked with all important information on the label.

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    Partnerships with suppliers

    We use reputable suppliers for the procurement of semi-finished products and molded parts and maintain exclusively long-term partnerships. When selecting suppliers, we also focus on uncompromising quality and reliability and only work with the best.

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    Quality in construction

    Quality assurance from the first step of the process chain guarantees the best quality for every component. We use PLM software and use it to manage all information over the entire life cycle of a design part, from brainstorming through design to production. When changes are made, the inventory is automatically checked and measures are taken at all relevant points to ensure that the changes can be safely incorporated into the process. Errors can be avoided as early as the design stage of plastic parts if special manufacturing features are taken into account at an early stage. The more intensively we are involved in the development process in an advisory capacity, the faster and more reliably a product is created in the desired quality with optimum cost-effectiveness.