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Sealing Technology

From standard items to special components

A machine in sealing technology machines a part
Sealing Technology
From standard items to special components
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    We have been manufacturing sealing elements for almost all industries for over 30 years. We are your development partner and focus on personal technical consultancy. Profit from our core competencies and strengths in sealing technology!

    Our core competencies

    • We supply a comprehensive range of state of the art sealing technology
    • We supply custom sealing elements according to your drawings
    • We develop and manufacture the ideal solution for your requirements
    • We supply complete sealing sets according to your specifications allowing you to optimise your processes

    Our strengths

    • Quality from our in-house production
    • Flexibility (irrespective of quantities, diameter of 1-1,500 mm, wide range of materials)
    • Availability (large warehouse with semi-finished goods and standard parts)
    • Short delivery times (delivery on next working day possible)

    Article designations in sealing technology

    When it comes to the article designation of wipers, piston and rod seals, the imagination of the sealing industry knows no bounds. Often, the product designations in parts lists mean hurdles that are difficult to overcome. For this purpose, we have an extensive archive of old and current seal designations from almost all market competitors.

    The profile overviews listed in the “Sealing Technology” brochure use the profile number, e.g. DS101, as the designation. This means: D = rotary part, S = rod seal, 101 = profile number. This designation is followed by the dimension in the order of functional diameter x groove base diameter x groove width (not gasket width, as is often assumed). The functional diameter of a rod seal is the inner diameter or the diameter of the shaft or piston rod.

    Under this designation we can produce any conceivable dimension of this profile with a functional diameter up to 3000 mm from several materials.