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O-rings / X-rings – Static seals

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  • O-rings are the most common, but also the simplest sealing elements

    They are used in static and dynamic applications in all areas of mechanical and plant engineering. They are used as preload elements in many sealing systems. X-rings offer technical advantages over O-rings in certain applications.

    O-rings / X-rings are standard parts

    For the most part, we obtain O-rings and X-rings from our tested partners. However, we also manufacture turned variants for special dimensions and from special materials. We keep a large stock in order to be able to react flexibly to customer requirements.

    Choosing the correct O-ring / X-ring

    The more information is known, the better a sealing system can be adapted to a specific application.

    To choose the right O-ring and the optimal material, the following criteria are important:

    • installation space
    • pressure range
    • temperature range
    • medium
    • stroke speed
    • counterface
    • friction behavior
    • tightness
    • price
    • availability