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    In our technologically most advanced production area for plastic machining, we manufacture complex plastic parts with state-of-the-art machining centers.

    Here, we combine the manufacturing processes of turning and milling, which allows us to produce even more complex and sophisticated plastic parts. The combination of milling and turning offers advantages in terms of production time and quality.

    More work steps can be carried out in one clamping and the accuracies can be increased, which would occur with reclamping. Set-up times for turned and milled parts are reduced, since only one machine needs to be programmed and set up. Automated tool magazines also help us to minimize setup times.

    Dreh-Fraesbearbeitung von komplexen Kunststoffteilen

    Turn-mill machining of complex plastic parts

    Turn-milled parts from prototype to series production

    We have specialized in providing our customers with comprehensive support, which is why we manufacture the complete range of technical plastic parts, from small series of one piece to large series. Our production areas are set up flexibly in order to be able to react optimally to the wishes of our customers. With Hänssler as a development and manufacturing partner, it is no longer necessary to change suppliers between the prototype phase and series production.

    What has to be considered in the prototype production of plastic parts?

    Short delivery times of turned-milled parts

    In development phases, it is all about time! Short delivery times of turned and milled prototypes or small series can significantly shorten testing phases.

    The availability of semi-finished products made of standard plastics or high-performance plastics is the basis for the rapid delivery of plastic parts. Thanks to a comprehensive stock of blanks in all sizes and types of plastic, we are able to significantly shorten delivery times. If certain materials are not in stock after all, selected and specialized suppliers help us to keep the delivery of semi-finished plastics very low.

    Quality even with small series from a wide range of plastics

    For our customers, it is essential for us to also produce small series and prototypes at series level. This means that we only use tools and processes that can be repeated. Tolerances and surfaces must always be achieved, not just once.

    Therefore, we pay attention to the tolerance specifications of the plastic part already at the time of inquiry and advise our customers as necessary in order to be able to permanently achieve process quality. Tools, fixtures, production steps and quality control are also designed for process reliability. Through these specifications in all work steps for the production of the turned-milled part, we can ensure that after successful testing, nothing stands in the way of the step to series production.

    Selecting the right manufacturing process for plastic prototypes

    Flexible Kunsttoffzerspanung auf unseren Bearbeitungszentren

    Flexible machining of plastics on our machining centers

    Various manufacturing processes are available for the production of plastic prototypes. Additively manufactured plastic parts (3D printing) are suitable for certain testing phases. We are also very well positioned in the area of industrial 3D printing and operate a modern machine park with various 3D printers. You can find more information about additive manufacturing at HÄNSSLER here.

    For essential additively manufactured prototypes or small series, it is often necessary to mechanically rework the printed plastic components. We refine additively manufactured plastic parts with subtractive processes such as turning or milling, e.g. to improve surfaces or to achieve certain tolerances. More information about the rework processes of 3D printed plastic parts can be found here.

    We can also offer turned and milled prototypes and small series made of plastic, and here the number of pieces does not matter to us. Due to flexible production possibilities and optimal process design, we are also the optimal partner for our customers in the prototype phase.

    We can map rapid change intervals through an exemplary digital process using the PLM system and always traceable through 100% batch tracking.

    If the number of pieces continues to increase and the tolerances, material and complexity of the plastic part are suitable for a molded part, we also offer molded parts for large-scale production together with our partners.