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Icon seal kits for hydraulic cylinders

Seal kits for hydraulic cylinders

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    The sealing of an assembly or hydraulic cylinder can involve a large number of components. In many cases, a pre-prepared seal kit can bring significant advantages in assembly and especially in the spare parts business. We assemble seal kits according to customer specifications with all necessary components. On request, we can also supplement the seal sets with balls, springs, screw fittings, and much more.

    Advantages of sealing kits during initial assembly

    The use of sealing kits during initial assembly can ensure that all components for the sealing system are available at the workplace in a process-safe manner. The preparation times for removing the individual components from storage can be significantly reduced and thus no components are forgotten. In addition, it prevents components from being mixed up at the workstation that are externally indistinguishable. For example, O-rings made of FPM and NBR in the same color are difficult to distinguish visually. At Hänssler, we align sealing sets with an automatic packaging machine and thus avoid picking errors and missing parts.

    Advantages of sealing kits in the spare parts business

    If complete seal sets are available for revisions, the use of alternative products without approval is avoided. For use, it is also ensured that all components are available and that the replacement of individual parts is not forgotten during assembly. By providing complete sets, the warranty of your assemblies after revision can be secured in this way. We pack sealing sets in UV-protected films, which can guarantee the durability of elastomer parts in particular (e.g. NBR parts stored in the open age quite quickly due to direct UV rays).

    A seal kit for hydraulic cylinders

    Sealing kits assembled according to your requirements and printed individually.

    Individual packing of sealing kits

    We pack and print sealing kits using an automatic packaging machine. Important information such as batch number, date of manufacture and, of course, internal customer information, e.g. designation and article number, is printed and additionally displayed in the form of barcodes. This means that batches can be tracked at any time and revision statuses can be traced.

    The data can be conveniently recorded via the respective barcodes during assembly or in logistics. In principle, we provide labels with our logo, but we can always print a customer logo instead or completely dispense with a corresponding imprint. This has advantages above all in logistics and in the spare parts business. Repackaging is therefore no longer necessary and it is ensured that original parts are used.

    The single packing machine offers individual packing of sealing sets.