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  • According to your wishes, we either print your company’s logo or our logo or no logo on the bags.

    To seal a cylinder properly, a large number of parts is necessary sometimes. A pre-packed sealing set is very useful for the initial assembly as well as separately sold spare parts. We pre-pack individual sealing sets according to your specification.

    Advantages at the initial assembly

    Using pre-packed sealing sets guarantees, that no necessary part will be missed. Our sets also avoid, that similar looking parts could not be mixed up, like NBR and FPM o-rings.

    Advantages at the aftermarket

    Offering your customers complete sealing sets ensures, that your OEM parts are very comfortable to use. Furthermore it guarantees, that no necessary parts are missing.

    Individual packaging

    Using an automatic packaging machine, we are able to pack, seal and print the bags of your sealing sets. Information like article numbers, batch numbers, manufacturing dates, quantities, countries of origin,… can be labelled. To reduce the workload of your incoming goods department, the information can be easily scanned by barcodes.