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Rod seals for hydraulic cylinders

The design of a rod or also piston rod seal is crucial for the function of the entire assembly. A rod seal is internally sealing and is usually knotted into a closed groove. Some profiles require a split installation groove. A number of profiles are offered on the market – we will assist you in making the perfect choice.

Standard profiles

The standard profiles shown below are seals that represent the state of the art. We manufacture these standard seals in-house or supply them as moulded parts from approved partners for all required groove dimensions in a variety of materials. Even inch and intermediate dimensions, but also diameters up to 3000 mm can be realized.

Depending on the quantity, the material and your requirements, we will offer you seals in the appropriate manufacturing process – everything from one source!

A general overview and more information about it are also listed in the following categories:

  • U-Cups and chevron set
  • Rod seals with leader elements made of elastomer

Choosing the correct profile

The more information is known, the better a sealing system can be adapted to a specific application.

To choose the right profile and the optimal material, the following criteria are important:

  • installation space
  • double or single-acting
  • pressure range
  • temperature range
  • medium
  • lifting speed
  • counter surface
  • installation option
  • friction behaviour
  • stick-slip behaviour
  • tightness
  • service life expectancy
  • price
  • availability

Rod seals – U-Cups and chevron set

Application U-cups
  • high tightness
  • for all hydraulic and pneumatic applications
  • single-acting sealing profile
  • assembly in closed grooves possible
  • many dimensions available as molded parts
  • inch and intermediate dimensions available
Application chevron set
  • high tightness
  • single acting sealing element
  • available in slotted design
  • fields of application: Mining, presses, special machine construction
  • adjustable if required
Pressure range:

up to 400 bar*

Sliding speeds:

up to 0,5 m/s

Temperature range:

-55 to +220 °C (depending on material)

* Special solutions for lip seals for higher pressures up to 700 bar are possible!

Rod seals with leader elements made of elastomer

  • single- and double-acting sealing elements
  • universal application
  • low friction
  • low stick-slip effect
  • high sliding speeds possible
  • small installation space possible
  • long service life
  • large selection of materials
  • inch and intermediate sizes as well as largest diameters up to 3000 mm can be realized
Pressure range:

up to 600 bar

Sliding speeds:

up to 15 m/s

Temperature range:

-55 to +280 °C (depending on material)